Headstones & Monuments in Banning

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments has provided customers in banning with custom headstones at affordable prices since 1976. As a family-owned and operated custom headstone service in Banning, we provide quality craftsmanship on all orders. Our compassionate customer service can help you order a headstone, monument headstone, or custom grave marker.

Why Choose Custom Grave Marker Service in Banning

The tradition of marking a gravesite with a cemetery headstone has been around for hundreds of years. Carved grave markers help people find the gravesite of their buried loved ones. There are different types of grave markers.

The most common grave headstones are traditional grave markers and traditional gravestones. Both of these markers can be custom engraved through our Banning grave marker service.

Custom Grave Markers

Grave markers are small rectangular stones that lay flat at the top of a gravesite. They are usually made out of granite; however, they can also be made out of bronze or other stones like marble.

As the most trusted graver marker service near you, Oaktree Engraving & Monuments can custom engrave the name, birth date, and death date of your loved one on the grave marker.

When you order the grave marker, you will be able to choose the stone type, color, and font. You will also have the choice to add an emblem to the face of the grave marker.

Since we are a custom provider, we are able to make grave markers in a variety of sizes. Common sizes are 24” x 12”, 28” x 16”, or 18” x 24”. Our team will help you with sizing so you are able to create the perfect grave marker.

Details like these will make your loved ones’ grave marker special and unique.


Headstones are two-piece markers that sit at the top of the gravesite. One of the pieces lays flat on the ground and is the base of the headstone. The second piece sits atop the base.

Headstone companies offer headstones in a variety of pre-cut shapes and colors. At Oaktree Engraving & Monuments, we provide custom headstones in Banning. Our headstone service allows customers to choose important details like the headstone material and headstone designs.

Headstone Materials

Most people request a granite headstone from their headstone provider. Our headstone company offers granite headstones in over ten distinct colors. We also have bronze headstones because we are the leading custom gravestone service for Banning and the surrounding communities.

Headstone Shapes and Sizes

Since we are a local headstone company near you, we custom cut the shape and size of the headstone to meet your design needs. Common shapes include a rounded arc top, squared-off top, slant face, and teardrop. As a local headstone provider, we can custom cut various shapes to custom-make each headstone for our customers.

Headstone Designs

Our Banning headstone service allows you to choose from a variety of decorations and add-ons to make a genuinely individualized headstone. Here are some of the headstone designs we offer.

Engravings & Etchings

There are many types of engravings and etchings that can be added to a headstone. Most headstone providers offer to engrave the deceased’s name, birth date, and death date. We provide our customers with the option to add additional engravings.

Many people choose to engrave personal nicknames and descriptors on their loved one’s headstones. Here are a few examples:

  • Life roles: mother, daughter, sister, friend
  • Military role: veteran status, branch, rank
  • Professional roles: lawyer, farmer, teacher

If there is enough space on the headstone of your choice, you might want to add a few words or phrases. Here are a few examples:

  • Favorite quote or saying
  • Prayer or bible verse
  • Short message of hope

Etchings can also be added to the face of the headstone. It is possible to etch a picture of the deceased on the headstone. Here are a few other things people choose to have etched on a headstone:

  • Landscape (ocean, lake, forest)
  • Hobby (fishing, biking, sewing)
  • Icon (teddy bear, angel, pet)
  • Handprints or footprints
  • Photograph of your loved one

Porcelain Pictures

The most realistic way to place a picture of your loved one on their headstone is to have a specialty porcelain picture made. Fade-resistant ink is used to print the picture of your choice onto a ceramic tile. The tile will be permanently fixed to the headstone with adhesive.

We suggest you choose a clear picture with high resolution. The picture can be in black and white or in color. You can choose an individual portrait, a couple’s portrait, or even a family portrait.


Additional decorations can be added to help beautify the headstone and gravesite. Vases, plant holders, and statues are just a few examples of decorations that you can add.


In addition to memorial headstones, we provide individuals and city departments with Banning headstone monument service. Our custom monuments come in a variety of shapes and sizes to memorialize the deceased. Monuments can be displayed on your private property. City departments can display monuments in public areas, like parks or other public spaces.

Choose Oaktree Engraving & Monuments for Your Custom Headstone Needs

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments is proud to service the Banning community. We are honored to help you memorialize your loved one with a customized grave marker, headstone, or monument. Contact us today for a private consultation. Our caring and compassionate team members will help you through the design and ordering process.