Headstones & Monuments in Cabazon

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments has been helping families memorialize their departed loved ones for over 45 years. Our custom headstones and grave markers in Cabzon are made with quality craftsmanship.

We are here to compassionately walk you through every step of the planning and design process. You can expect help with the headstone selection and the design process, through to final delivery.

Our team also provides specialty monuments for placement at your local cemetery. Additionally, we work with city departments to design and create specialty monuments for local, public display. When you need custom headstones at affordable prices, choose Oaktree Engraving & Monuments for your specific needs. We are the area’s number one custom grave marker service in Cabazon.

Custom Headstones and Grave Markers

A headstone is a marker is a unique identifier that is positioned at the top of a grave site to identify the individual at the specific gravesite. You can order a headstone to look simple or work with Oaktree Engraving & Monuments’ custom headstone service in Cabazon to create a more individualized grave marker.

Our custom gravestone service can help you include further details of the life of your loved one. Traditional grave markers include a person’s name, date of birth, and date of passing. Custom grave markers can display so much more. For example, you may choose to include your loved one’s nickname, favorite quote, bible verse, or prayer.

Work with our Cabazon headstone monument service to create a completely custom headstone or gravemarker. We can help you choose from a variety of designs and customization options.



Oaktree Engraving & Monuments is not only a grave marker service near you. You can work with us to design and create a monument. You can choose from a commemorative bench, statue, and more.

Monuments can be placed in the cemetery at the gravesite of your loved one, or you can choose to place the memorial somewhere private. Your backyard, garden, or local church are just a few places where you can display a monument as a tribute to your loved one.


Our Cabazon headstone service offers several customization options for headstone designs. For example, granite headstones are available in various shapes and colors and more.


Part of our custom headstone design process is to work with you to create a fully customized engraving for the face of the headstone or gravemarker you choose. Our understanding customer service representatives will help you decide what to have inscribed.

We will provide you with a complete list of fonts to make your loved one’s headstone or gravemarker distinctive.

Things you should consider engraving on your loved one’s headstone or marker include:

  • Favorite quotes or bible verses
  • Etched icons of a favorite hobby
  • Handprints or footprints
  • Veteran status or military service rank


Traditional cemetery headstones are long, upright stone slabs with a curved top. There are also gravestone markers that lay flat on a foundation. Our customers are able to choose from more than the conventional grave headstone shape or flat gravestone marker because we are a custom headstone provider. Other headstone shapes you can choose from include:

  • Slant Monument – a headstone with a slanted face that sits on a flat, rectangular base.
  • Upright Monument – a rectangular stone called a die, sits on a flat, rectangular base. Top cuts, the shape of the top of the monument, can be squared off, rounded, or even left unfinished.
  • Cross – an upright headstone in the shape of a cross
  • Heart – a flat grave marker in the shape of a heart


Families can place two primary types of images on their loved one’s tombstones. The first type is a porcelain picture.

A porcelain picture is a plaque with a photograph printed onto a ceramic tile. The plaque adheres to the headstone or gravemarker with durable glue. The ink on the ceramic tile is fade resistant.

If you want to attach a plaque with a porcelain picture to your loved one’s headstone, select a clear picture with a good color balance. You can choose a black and white image or a color picture. Your headstone provider can help you with the ordering process.

The second type of photo is an etched photo. You can choose a portrait of your loved one or an illustration of something they loved. Common images for tombstones include a treasured animal or pet, a landscape design, or a biblical scene. Examples of things you can have etched onto a headstone include:

  • Family home or farm
  • Lighthouse and ocean
  • Angel among the sun
  • Forest or tree of life
  • Flowers, or plants


We aim to help you honor your loved one as a custom Cabazon grave marker service. A local headstone company near you may only offer a few color choices for your headstone, gravestone, or monument; however, we provide over ten different granite colors. Color choices range from black to gray to red or blue, and so much more. Bronze options are also available through our headstone company.

Decorative Elements

Headstone companies also offer decorative adornments that you can add to the headstone or grave marker. You can add items like vases, plant holders, solar-powered lights, and small statues to make the gravesite truly one-of-a-kind.

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments

We can help you by creating custom grave markers, memorial headstones, and monument headstones, all at affordable prices. There’s no better way to honor your loved one for years to come. Contact us today for a private consultation with a professional customer service representative.