Headstones & Monuments in Phelan

When you need to order a headstone, Oaktree Engraving & Monuments is here to help you with custom headstone service in Phelan. We are a family-owned and operated headstone provider that has delivered custom headstones at affordable prices since 1976.

We make each custom grave marker with quality craftsmanship. Our compassionate customer service representatives can help you create a one-of-a-kind headstone design. They will walk you through the different materials, sizes, shapes, and decorations. Contact Oaktree Engraving & Monuments today, don’t waste time searching for another graver marker service near you.

What Goes On a Headstone

In a grieving time, deciding what to put on your loved ones’ headstone can be challenging. As the leading local headstone company near you, we have many headstone examples available. You will get an idea of how you want to individualize and personalize the headstone.

A standard headstone provider will engrave the deceased’s name, birth date, and date of death on the grave marker. Our custom headstone service allows you to pick from many different border engravings, custom etchings, and decorations.

Engravings & Inscriptions

You can have words or images inscribed on the headstone. You can also choose to have more than a standard inscription engraved on the tombstone. Here are some examples of engravings and inscriptions we have completed for our customers:

Personal Descriptors

  • Life Roles (grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, friend, etc.)
  • Career Roles (teacher, librarian, scientist, pastor, etc.)
  • Military Roles (branch, rank, veteran status, medals, etc.)

Words of Wisdom & Values

  • Favorite sayings or famous quotes
  • Lyrics to a meaningful or favorite song
  • A message of hope, prayers, or bible verses

Hobbies & Interests

  • Crafting (sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc.)
  • Vehicles (cars, trucks, motorcycles)
  • Animals, sports, plants


Oaktree Engraving & Monuments will also etch images on the face of the headstone. Here are some examples of our etching work:


  • Family home
  • Biblical scene
  • Mountain or forest scene
  • Ocean, lake, or beach scene

Symbols & Images

  • Religious symbols
  • Handprints or footprints
  • Flowers or plants
  • National flag or symbol


  • An individual picture of the deceased
  • Picture of the deceased with angel wings and halo
  • Photo of the deceased with spouse or family

Decorative Additions

You can add different types of decorations and adornments on or near the headstone. Vases, plant holders, and porcelain plaques are just a few items that can add beauty to the gravesite to honor your loved one.

Porcelain Plaques

You can add a porcelain plaque to the headstone. A picture is printed on a ceramic tile with fade-resistant ink to make the plaque. The tile is attached to the face of the monument or grave marker with strong adhesive.

The picture for the plaque can be of a single person, a couple, or multiple people. You can choose a black and white image or a color picture. We suggest that you choose a crisp picture with high resolution.

Vases & Potted Plant Holders

You can have a vase or potted plant holder attached to the base of the headstone. Vases keep live or artificial flowers in a designated place near the grave. Potted plant holders keep larger plants from tipping over. Adding a vase or plant holder is a good idea if you plan to bring flowers or plants while visiting the gravesite.

What is Custom Gravestone Service?

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments creates unique grave markers through our custom gravestone service. Our custom gravestone service includes three steps:

  1. We help you choose the headstone design and style
  2. Our headstone company custom engraves the headstone
  3. Our Phelan headstone service delivers the grave marker right to your local cemetery

How to Choose a Headstone

Cemetery headstones come in various styles, sizes, materials, and colors. We listen to your wants and needs so you can create a beautiful custom headstone that honors your loved one.

Grave Marker Styles & Sizes

Upright grave headstones come in many shapes and sizes. You can choose an upright or inground custom headstone. Upright headstones come in two pieces: the base and the die. The die, or vertical piece, can be cut in a classic rectangle, square, teardrop, or oval shape. Our custom grave marker service in Phelan can also cut various other shapes, like hearts and crosses.

In-ground memorial headstones lay at the top of the grave plot. They are usually rectangular In-ground markers measure 24” by 12”; however, we can make them larger or smaller as needed.

At Oaktree Engraving & Monuments, we can make monument headstones for multiple graves, family plots, or private memorials. We have also worked with city officials to design, create, and display public monuments.

Our Phelan headstone monument service can help you design the perfect monument to remember your loved one. You can choose something functional, like a bench, or something decorative, like a statue or garden pillar.

Grave Marker Materials & Colors

Some local headstone companies have a limited number of headstone materials and colors. You can choose a granite headstone in blue, green, red, gray, or black. At Oaktree Engraving & Monuments, we offer over ten different colors of granite headstones. We also make bronze custom grave markers.

Get a Headstone or Monument Through Oaktree Engraving & Monuments Custom Grave Marker Service

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments has provided Phelan grave marker service to the community for over 45 years. Our caring staff will help you design a meaningful custom headstone or memorial monument at an affordable price. Contact us today to arrange a consultation if you need to order a grave marker or monument in Phelan.