Headstones & Monuments in Winchester

At Oaktree Engraving & Monuments, we provide custom headstones at affordable prices to help you honor the memory of your loved one. We custom create cemetery headstones and custom grave markers with quality craftsmanship.

Since 1976, we have provided our customers compassionate and custom headstone service in Winchester and the surrounding region. You can work with our Winchester grave marker design service and headstone monument service to create and order a headstone.

Classic Grave Markers

Classic grave markers are in-ground rectangular stones that lay flat at the top of the burial plot. In-ground markers typically have the person’s name, birth date, and death date inscribed on the face. These grave markers are ideal for marking the gravesite with something small and simple.

At Oaktree Engraving & Monuments, we provide a graver marker service near you that can add customized engravings and designs to make the grave marker specific to your loved one. If desired, our design team can help you include engravings, etchings, and decorative elements on the classic, in-ground grave marker.

Traditional Headstones Designs

Traditional upright headstones are made with two stone pieces. One piece is the base, and the other is the vertical marker. The vertical piece, called the “die,” is engraved with identifying information about your loved one. You can choose to include decorative images and pictures.

Headstone companies usually provide a standard engraving. At Oaktree Engraving & Monuments, we provide customers with custom headstone designs and engravings of their choice.

You can choose a traditional headstone shape as well as a custom-cut headstone in Winchester. Classic headstone shapes include shapes like arched, square, rectangle, teardrop, or slant. We also have memorial headstones in various shapes, like hearts, crosses, and double headstone grave markers.

One of our professional customer service representatives will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions when you order a headstone. Our headstone company offers bronze headstones and granite headstones to choose from. If you choose a granite headstone, you can decide the gravestone’s shape, style, and color.


A monument to can be made to memorialize your loved one on your private property or on their gravesite. We have previously worked with city departments to design, create, and install memorials and monuments for public display.

Engravings, Etchings & Embellishments

You can add etchings and decorations to personalize the grave headstone. As a dedicated headstone provider, Oaktree Engraving & Monuments will help you create a truly unique grave marker.

Engravings and Etchings

Our Winchester grave marker service engraves more than the deceased’s name, birth date, and death date on the headstone. We can custom engrave or etch words and pictures in a variety of fonts and sizes.

Engravings you may choose to add to the headstone include:

  • Favorite animal or a favorite hobby
  • Personal role (father, son, fisherman, etc.)
  • Career title (teacher, first responder, electrician, etc.)
  • Military branch, rank, or veteran status
  • A prayer, bible verse, or religious scripture
  • Handprints, footprints

Etchings you may choose to add to the headstone include::

  • Sunrise or sunset on the horizon
  • Forest or mountain landscape
  • Ocean, sea, or lake view landscape
  • Family home or birthplace
  • Religious symbols or biblical scenes

If requested, we can also etch your loved one’s portrait onto the grave marker. When you have a photo-etched on the headstone, you can choose a single profile picture, couple’s portrait, or family portrait.

Headstone Decorations

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments is the preferred local headstone company near you. We can attach headstone decorations to the base of the headstone. The most common decorations are vases, plant holders, porcelain plaques, and statues.

Vases and Plant Holders

Visitors can bring flowers or other plants to leave at the gravesite when visiting their loved one’s resting place. It’s a good idea to have a place to hold the plants and flowers. For this reason, you can add a vase or potted plant holder to the base of the headstone.

These decorations help you to add beauty to the grave. Vases are perfect for keeping bouquets of live or artificial flowers in place without blowing away. Plant holders are better for larger, heartier plants.

Porcelain Plaques

Porcelain plaques are pictures put on ceramic tiles with special ink. Once printed, the plaque is permanently attached to the gravestone with adhesive. Many people choose to add a picture of their loved ones to the headstone with a plaque instead of etching the image on the headstone’s face.

Fixed Statues

You can add a statue to the headstone if you don’t want to have an image etched to the headstone’s face. Sculptures can be of a religious figure, like an angel or cross. Figures can also represent something loved by the deceased, like a hobby, an animal, or a sport. Statues help personalize the gravesite. They are a great addition if the face of the headstone is full of inscriptions.

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments is the Best for Winchester Headstone Service

Oaktree Engraving & Monuments is the area’s number one headstone provider. We have been family-owned and operated for over 45 years. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver high-quality custom grave markers and monument headstones.

You can make your loved one’s final resting place easy to locate, individualized, and personal with our custom gravestone service. Call Oaktree Engraving & Monuments to arrange a consultation to order custom grave marker service in Winchester. One of our caring representatives will walk you through the ordering process. We will also install the custom engraved headstone or monument.